The fascinating world of design

At our shops you can familiarize yourself with our kitchen and door collection, handles, material and color options, storage solutions, countertops, appliances, lighting, mechanisms and many other things that affect the functionality and look of a kitchen. We listen and take into account all of your wishes and also tell you about different options.

Practical design work requires precise measurements of the space where furnishings are being installed. The shape of the kitchen space, the locations of windows and doors, and the heights and width of walls define the boundaries within which your new kitchen will be placed. The location of water supply and drainage points, as well as flues, will also be noted at the measurement visit.

Coming up with ideas and designing a new kitchen is the most demanding but also most rewarding phase of furnishing a home. The functional and unique interior decorating solutions are designed to serve everyday living in your home. For example, a kitchen designed for a family with children will be different from one designed for an elderly family.

We draw up a visual perspective of the kitchen as well as a layout that shows the exact installation arrangement of furnishings and appliances. After that we make a cost estimate of your kitchen purchase.

Of all the rooms you live in, the kitchen has the most technology. We provide a wide selection of options at different price levels for appliances, water fixtures, lighting and waste sorting.

The timeless look, quality furnishings and durable material of a kitchen are the best life-cycle thinking. The long service life of appliances, low energy consumption and long service intervals are also essential factors of ecological efficiency.

After a kitchen purchase agreement has been signed, the order goes to the factory. If necessary, our customers have the opportunity to get flexible NIXI financing.

The kitchen furnishings are manufactured with Nixi’s modern factory in Seinäjoki.

When remodeling, we recommend you hire professionals to carry out the demolition work, especially where there are electric wires and water fixtures. Materials that can be recycled are recovered and the rest are brought to the landfill. When a kitchen is being remodeled, the walls and floor are checked to make sure they are straight vertically and horizontally.

Nixi kitchen furnishings are delivered to the place of installation in parts and assembled there.

We recommend you hire Nixi’s installers to install your kitchen because different types of cabinet solutions, molding, drawers, accessories, mechanisms and inlays for basins require long-term installation experience. Electrical and plumbing work is also carried out by professionals.

There is a six month performance guarantee on Nixi products that covers the durability of functional elements such as mechanisms under normal use. For the other parts there is a two-year full warranty that covers workmanship and material and structural defects that occur in normal use.